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Friday, December 14, 2012

Sock it to Me, Santa! by Madison Parker

Sock it to Me, Santa! by Madison Parker

Published by Madison Parker
55 Pages

Blurb: Ryan is assigned to Jamie Peterson for his class's secret gift exchange. If word gets out that he has to make a handcrafted gift for flamboyant and openly gay Jamie, Ryan will be the laughing stock of the school. It's a good thing no self-respecting boy would be caught
dead in a craft store, because otherwise he'd be at risk of being spotted when his mom drags him to her weekly craft workshops. He hopes Jamie will appreciate all the trouble he's going to for this assignment. Finding the perfect gift is gonna be tricky. Jamie deserves something good, though, after all the crap he has to put up with at school. At least, Ryan tells himself that's the reason he's putting so much thought into the gift. It couldn't be that he has feelings for Jamie, could it?

Review: Ryan is a closeted gay teenager who faces a dilemma when he participates in his class's secret Santa gift exchange. As bad luck would have it, Ryan is assigned to the most outrageously flamboyant and obviously gay kid in school. Jaimie is the type of teenager that is so gay he even is a member of the school's knitting club.

The thing that really sucks about the whole secret Santa program is that the gift givers are required to make the gifts. They can't just go out and buy something, and each participant must provide three gifts. Ryan has absolutely no idea what he will make for Jaimie.

As the story progresses and the students begin to exchange their gifts, Ryan starts to learn about Jaimie. He sees a very sweet side of Jaimie he never noticed before, and before long, he really likes him.

What Ryan didn't expect, though, was the reality that being friends with the queerest kid in school has certain consequences. Ryan's not sure he is a big enough person to endure the ridicule and bullying that is likely to ensue if he is open about his friendship.

This story is short and sweet, and it warmed my heart. It also had a tiny hint of foot fetishism which I absolutely loved! And both the main characters were totally adorable. The ending is heartwarming and even brought a tear to my eye.

Definitely a five-star read!

Review by Jeff

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