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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Kamikaze Boys by Jay Bell

Kamikaze Boys by Jay Bell

Published by Jay Bell Books
278 Pages

Blurb: If the world is against you, don’t give up. Find yourself a kindred spirit. Then you can start fighting back.

They say Connor, the one with the crazy eyes and creepy scar, tried to kill his old man. Lately he’s been seen hanging out with David, the gay guy who

always eats lunch alone. They make an odd pair, the loser and the psychopath, and bad things happen to people who mess with them. Not that Connor and David are looking for trouble. Even when taking on the world, they seem more interested in each other than fighting.

Kamikaze Boys is a story about breaking the chains that bind you and using them to beat down anyone that gets in your way. Better yet, it’s about holding hands with the guy you love while doing so.
"I was staring at this guy on a street corner who kept checking his watch as if he were waiting for someone.

"The class had already moved down the sidewalk, but I pretended to tie my shoe, just because I wanted to see who he was waiting for, or if they wouldn't come. Then this other guy comes up behind him and does the whole covering your eyes and 'guess who' thing. It was so cheesy, but then the waiting guy turned around and kissed him...

"When I saw them kiss it was like my heart stopped. The whole world, which had always been confusing and weird to me, suddenly made sense. I knew then what love looked like and where I fit in."
Review: Once again Jay Bell has created a cast of characters that I absolutely adore. I love the way David has such a sense of pride, not only about who he is, but also about who his friends are. His best friend, Gordon, is perched pretty high up on the ladder of geekdom, but David never tries to hide their friendship. He could easily have ditched Gordon once he became involved with Conner, but David remains loyal to his friend. Connor is a stand-up guy as well. His affection for David, and his desire to protect him, is endearing.

There are lessons to be learned here. Revenge is often far sweeter in theory than in practice. Every time the world tries to beat these boys down, they fight back, kicking and screaming. It doesn't always turn out so well for them, but they do grow up quite a bit over the course of the year as a result of their actions.

David's father is a unique character that I found fascinating. A bit sad (okay, a lot sad), but likable despite his flaws. I wanted him to have his own happy ending.

These boys are very sweet. I fell in love with them early on, and I have no doubt that wherever they are now, they are together and they are happy.

Review by Madison

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