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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Every Time I Think of You by Jim Provenzano

Every Time I Think of You by Jim Provenzano True Colorz Honor Roll

Every Time I Think of You by Jim Provenzano

Published by Jim Provenzano
266 Pages

Blurb: 1978: In a snowy Pennsylvania forest, Reid, a studious high school distance runner, meets Everett, a privileged and capricious charmer. As their lives become intertwined, Reid is swept up in Everett's adventurous world. When a near-fatal accident changes both their lives, Reid and Everett's determination to keep their love alive faces obstacles of family, time and distance.

Review: These boys really tugged at my heartstrings. I wasn't so sure about Everett at first. I feared he would be a bad influence on Reid with his thrill-seeking and smooth-talking behavior. But really, these two are so right together. Everett is able to pull Reid out of his shell. Although Reid is more sensible, he loves the excitement he feels with Everett, and Everett makes him feel special. He quickly finds himself falling in love with the mischievous and charming boy who lives just on the other side of the woods.

Despite his sometimes cool exterior, Everett falls hard for Reid as well, and in between their boys-will-be-boys shenanigans, there are moments of such sweetness, it wasn't long before I fell in love with Everett, too.

Reid is such a wonderful character, full of unconditional love for his boy, Everett, even after tragedy strikes. Knowing that their relationship might never be the same, Reid is still determined to hold on to Everett and show him how much he really loves him. I love the way Reid never gave up on Everett, even when Ev pushed him away. Time and distance are no match for true love!! The letters and gifts exchanged over their time apart were so sweet. I was completely swept up by their love story.

I also love the way Reid didn't lose track of himself. He continued to pursue his dreams of working the summer job in the park and pursuing his education, despite how hard it was to be separated from Everett. There were times he was tempted to walk away from his dreams and throw himself into helping Everett, but Everett loved him too much to let him do that. They both showed a great deal of courage and maturity in dealing with their tragic circumstances. Everett, in particular, showed tremendous growth by the end of the story.

I wish these two many happy and slightly naughty years together!

Review by Madison

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